@ONGA INC. has designed and manufactured concrete forms since August 1983 when we were founded, and has earned high trust by accumulating steady achievements. We are actively working on environmental problems that are a major issue at present, and we have established expertise in special resin decorative forms. We would like to progress with gsincerityh to satisfy your trust as our motto.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ONGA INC. Representative Director Keisuke Murao


@@œ August 1, 1983


@@œ 20,000,000 yen

@Business Description

@@œ Design and manufacturing of concrete metal forms

@@œ Special resin decorative forms

@@œ Design and manufacturing of various kinds of labor-saving equipment

@@œ General can welding/Processing machinery and facilities


@@œLand area: 4884 m2, Building area: 1947 m2

@Number of Employees

@@œ30 people (6 designers)

@Machinery and Facilities

@@œLC3015BIII laser cutting machine

@@œ110t press brake

@@œ60t press, 100t punching machine

@@œ30t iron processing machine

@@œCSH-220, CSHW-220 corner shearing machines

@@œL3000 planer

@@œLathe, No. 3 vertical milling machine, No. 1 horizontal milling machine

@@œHFA-300 shearing machine, sawing machine

@@œOther facilities, connecting fittings for concrete metal forms and special resin decorative forms, etc.

What's New

Web page renewed
We changed from a limited company to a joint-stock company, and the company name was changed at the same time

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Head Office Overview

Video of TOP-PIN, our original product

Location of ONGA INC.

Address: 464-1 Oazashimazu, Onga-cho, Onga-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Tel: +81-93-293-3635
Fax: +81-93-293-3468